Transmanche Heritage Project

Project details

Project rationale:

Contribute to the development of tourism between the two sides of the Channel.
Encourage the growth of a better understanding of tourism, heritage and culture between the two Euro-regions Kent and Nord-Pas de Calais - recognising the similarities and the differences.


WHO is the project aimed at?

Initially, potential organisers of group visits, especially school, youth, cultural special interest- and affinity- groups; extending to the general public of the region, and visitors to the region.

Lead English partner: Invicta Media Productions Limited
Contact name: Angus Willson

Lead French partner: Centre Régional de Documentation Pédagogique (CRDP) Nord-Pas de Calais
Contact name: Jacques Hollebecque

Other partners or funding providers involved:
Office du Tourisme Nord - Pas-de-Calais
Kent County Council
Dover District Council
Eurotunnel plc

Description of project

The project will produce and distribute videos, a CD ROM and establish a world wide web site to be available through schools, teachersí centres, public libraries, local museums, tourist information centres and other networks. There is a possibility of national distribution through a group of partners being explored (tourism at regional, county, and district level, France 3, and private sector companies).

This joint project (CRDP Nord-Pas de Calais - KCC Arts & Libraries - Dover District Council - Invicta Media Productions - Eurotunnel) will produce three programmes and one CD ROM over three years. The web-site will be established at an early stage and build-up in accordance with developments in the project.

Ref: 1 and 2. Tourism promotion (1997)

Focus on group travel.
Two different videos (1 French and 1 English) for distribution to schools and other group visit organisers. They will show the quality and variety of tourist opportunities in the two regions. Each video will be accompanied by printed information for the group organiser giving contacts for their follow-up, e.g. telephone, fax, Internet websites, and addresses for tourist information centres and tourist boards, for further information, and for tourist attractions and travel trade for direct bookings.

Intended partners include Eurotunnel, the district and county tourism departments, and the County Council Education (European office, Youth and Community, Adult Education)

The video programmes will be stored in digital form to facilitate future amendments and updates. The web-site will allow for a continuing process of modification and updating.

Ref: 3 and 4. Heritage of Channel coastal towns and cross-Channel links (1998)

Focus on the history of the Channel crossing by ferries and tunnel.
One video (two version with either French or English commentary)
Target audiences: schools, general public, tourists.
The programme will be particularly appropriate for cross-Channel educational visits and suitable for group organisers as background information.

Ref: 5. Heritage of Kent and Nord-Pas de Calais (1999)

Focus on links through history of Transmanche region.
One bi-lingual CD ROM about the history of coastal links. It will be possible to request and gain information in French or English. This will include information from ref: 1 and 2 in the form of photographs and video sequences.

The CD-ROM will provide a journey through the places to visit, the architectural heritage and culture of the two regions. It will include pastimes such as festivals, carnivals, concerts, markets and various commercial activities.

It will offer cultural and general information and also practical assistance to potential tourists such as useful addresses, maps routes, timetables etc.

The CD-ROM will be widely available on loan through public libraries, educational resource centres, etc - and also on sale to the general public. It is hoped that it will also be promoted via a travelling mini-exhibition which could be shown in venues such as museums and libraries in England and France. Costs for this aspect are not included in this proposal.

Ref: 6. Final monitoring report (1999)

This report will provide a summary of the process of working in cross-Channel partnership and will identify specific issues relating to multi-media development. It will also provide a preliminary monitoring of the dissemination and use of the videos and CD ROM, including access rates on the web-site, and an assessment of their impact against the indicators shown in 6.2.

In meeting the aims of INTERREG:

a) Based on a researched development plan made across the frontiers but with a united approach across the frontiers.
b) Development of tourism, development and management of tourist destinations.
c) Develop awareness of the region's common heritage.

Priority: B: Attractiveness and Promotion of the Transmanche Region

Measure: 5: Joint Tourism and Cultural Promotion

The Transfrontier benefits the project will generate:

This project will permit a better common understanding of the tourist, heritage and cultural value of the two regions.

It will make a contribution towards developing short break tourism. Specific information about attractions will promote residence by transit visitors.

One benefit will be in terms of the sharing and development of acquired expertise in new information technologies.

The ultimate aim is to develop a shared partnership making a contribution to the European dimension.

How the project is to be managed:

· an anglo-french steering committee including the different partners and funding providers.

· working groups responsible for studying and achieving the objectives.

· at least three meetings a year supplemented by additional meetings as necessary to succeed with the project.

· a production team operating on each side of the Channel.

· one working party to oversee provision of follow-up information to group organisers who receive video packs, to plan distribution of the videos in years 2 and 3 and to monitor the response and assess the need for any updating.

· the allocation of tasks will be decided by the steering committee.

Project outputs:



English side:


Tourism promotion - video for use in France


Heritage of coastal towns - video with English commentary


Heritage of Kent & Nord-Pas de Calais - bi-lingual CD ROM


Final monitoring report

French side:


Tourism promotion - video for use in England


Heritage of coastal towns - video with French commentary


Heritage of Kent & Nord-Pas de Calais - bi-lingual CD ROM


Final monitoring report

Impact indicators:

Primary indicators:
· distribution and usage figures for the videos and CD ROM
· audience estimates for the video and CD ROM
· bookings and requests for further information

Secondary indicators:
· stimulated increase of cross-Channel visits to tourist and heritage sites
· improved quality of visitor experience
· better informed visitor choices


During the project there will be continuous monitoring of the potential audience in terms of both the primary and secondary indicators. There will be an incremental transfer from anticipated audience estimates to actual audience estimates.

Towards the completion of the project it will be possible to establish a pattern of monitored distribution and usage and also to receive evidence of the inevitable time-lag of the secondary impact indicators.

At both stages data will be collected from regional, county and district tourism sources as well as a sampling of the schools, groups and organisations themselves. The steering group and working parties will have an important role in this respect.

European Regional Development Fund
Kent / Nord-Pas de Calais INTERREG Programme

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