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Chicory a.k.a. 'endive'

A basket of chicory hearts - Chicory served as a vegetable accompaniment to Tarte au Fromage ('cheese tart')

Is it a salad?...or a sort of coffee?
The fields of market gardens in the Audomarois marshes around Saint-Omer, and the river valleys around Lille produce rows of blue-green leafy plants called "chicory" or "endive".

The curly leaves of "endive" are used for salad; "chicory" hearts (often 'forced' - grown under cover like rhubarb) as a vegetable.

Chicory roots are roasted and ground, to be used with or instead of coffee - just add boiling water! So many uses! ...but it's all the same plant.

Health-giving herb
Chicory has a reputation for many health-giving properties. In the Middle Ages, it was grown by monks and apothecaries who used the ground up roots as a medicinal herb.

 Curly endive and cauliflower on sale by the roadside from farmers' stalls near Saint-Omer; - the farmers transport fresh vegetables from their fields in the marshes by boat.


Places to visit:
House of Chicory - museum in Orchies
Saint-Omer - roadside stalls selling fresh chicory/ endive in season

Nature parks:
Adomarois - near Saint-Omer
Saint-Amand - Nature Park

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