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Local Markets

Enjoy a stroll through Saint-Omer market

Buy a picnic of fresh fruit and salad vegetables in Boulogne market

Crowded market in the small pottery town of Desvres

You have just made your first purchase in French!

The local markets are a part of ordinary people's shopping in France, and they are very choosy when they select fresh produce.

They are held in the mornings - usually one day a week, and closing about 1pm.

Local produce
The local markets provide a sales outlet for small-scale producers of local and regional specialities - often from farms and workshops using traditional "craft" methods.

Great opportunity to hear and speak French
All around you there are people greeting their friends and acquaintances, buying things, asking the price, counting out money.

You hear lots of language - much of it in relation to the objects on sale, so you can see what they're talking about. And if you don't know all the words, you can buy things by pointing and saying "One of those!" or "100 grammes of that, please!"

In the market children can buy the ingredients for a simple picnic - bread, cheese, cooked meat and fruit; cakes or sweets. They can visit a nearby tabac to buy a postcard and stamps to send home, then find la Poste or a posting box. They might look round the shops for a souvenir to give to family.

Market days:
Arras - Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
Boulogne - Wednesday, Saturday
Calais - Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday
Cambrai - daily except Monday
Desvres - Tuesdays [Place Léon-Blum]
Douai - daily
Dunkerque - Wednesday, Saturday
Le Touquet - Thursday, Saturday; Monday in summer
Lille - see page on
Lille markets
Marquise -
Montreuil - Saturday
Saint-Omer - Saturday [Place Foch in town centre]; Wednesday [Place Perpignan]

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