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and Bray-Dunes

Sand-dunes line the coast

Seaside holidays and nature reserves
Small beach resorts and seaside villas lie here and there in the strip of coastal sand-dunes, much of which is still quite wild and unspoilt.

Much of the special environment of the dunes is now protected, with nature reserves to conserve the plants and wildlife.

Flemish marshes
Just inland lie miles of flat low-lying reclaimed marshes, with place-names that remind you of its history as part of Flanders, extending across the present Belgian border into the Low Countries...

Hallekerke, Potje Vleesch, Blauwershof, Houtland, Plattebolen , Bloetland, Socx, Hondschoote, Aa, Steenwercke, Oostkapelle .. and GHYVELDE.

Battles and the Dunkirk evacuation
Historically, this was a borderland fought over by the different powers that sought to control the Low Countries. This part was brought into France by Louis XIV - but remained a difficult border to defend. In the Second World War, these flat beaches enabled small ships from England to evacuate retreating troops in 1940.

Seaside villas at Bray-Dunes - built as a new resort a century ago by a rich arms manufacturer.

Guided walks through the dunes nature reserve near Bray-Dunes - or enjoy the wide open spaces on your own
The wide flat sandy beaches are perfect for the various forms of
sand-yachts at low tide.
- or have a family picnic in the dunes and a leisurely summer swim from the sandy beach.

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Places to visit
Bommelaers Wall Ecomusée - country life museum near Ghyvelde
Farming at the HOOGHE-MOOTE FARM.
Port Museum - Dunkerque
Sailing and children's watersports at the Lac des Hèrons, Ghyvelde.
Sand-yachting - at Bray-Dunes
Coastal footpath - long-distance path around the coast to Berck via Dunkerque - Calais- Boulogne

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