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Maison du Parc in old watermill at MaroillesLa fete de la flamiche
Serving"la Flamiche au Maroilles" at the annual Festival

Famous cheese
The name of "Maroilles" is imortalised as a square-shaped strong-tasting cheese with an orange rind.

See the background page on "cheeses" for more information.

The famous cheese is still made in one local farm, which you can visit.

Maison du Parc
The town is also the centre for the new
Avenois Regional Natural Park. The Maison du Park on the banks of the river is in the Dimière Grange, the remains of the ancient Abbey where the cheese was first made.

The Maison du Parc has exhibitions and organises excursions on themes such as nature, the countryside, regional products.

La Fête de la Flamiche
La Flamiche au Maroilles is a local version of the regional speciality, Tarte au Fromage, is made in Maroilles using the local cheese. It's similar to a Quiche Lorraine - an open pastry pie, filled with a mixture of milk, grated cheese, butter, eggs, and a pinch of salt; and baked in a wood-fired oven.

1. Rind-washing the Maroilles cheeses in the cellar
2. Flamiche cooked on a wood-fired oven in a restaurant

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Places to visit
Boat trips on the river Sambre - at Maubeuge
Brasserie Au Baron - small traditional brewery near Bavay
Fourmies-Trélon Ecomusée - Museum of old craft industries at 9 sites
Roman Forum & Archaeological Site - Bavay

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Avenois Regional Nature Park - natural park protecting much of the region's countryside and giving access for leisure activities
Lac du Val Joly - outdoor sporting and leisure area,

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