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Atlantic Wall Museum
of the 1939-45 War

Atlantic Wall Museum
The Second World War gun emplacement up on the cliffs

Why Eisenhower landed in Normandy
More than half a century ago, this ugly concrete gun turret housed 21 German soldiers. It was part of Hitler's formidable line of defences round the north French coast - the "Atlantic Wall".

The defences were built by slave labour - Jews as well as French political prisoners - organised by the Todt Organisation. They were so strong that in 1944 the Allies preferred to by-pass them, and land on the more lightly defended beaches further west in Normandy.

Erecting tank obstacles on beach  Tank obstacles WW2
Soldiers supervise forced labourers erecting tank obstacles on the sandy beaches

Last to be liberated
Allied Commander U.S.General Eisenhower decided to send the advance of Allied troops straight towards Germany than tackle the heavily fortified Atlantic Wall. So pockets of German defenders around the coast held out and didn't surrender for some months.

Giant Krupps WW2 gun
A German photo of the giant gun that fired shells across the Channel.

Gun to bombard Kent
Amonst the exhibits of uniforms and wartime relics shown here there is a huge 280mm K5 gun.

Made by Krupps in 1941, its barrel is 35 metres long, and it was used to shell the coastal towns of Kent.

Part of today's Nature Park
Ironically, the ugly bunker sits on a beautiful stretch of coastine near Cap Gris-Nez, now part of the
Boulonnais Nature Park - with wonderful walks and views (and some reminders of the horrors of war).

Coastal gun battery
The ugly bunker overlooks the Channel on a beautiful stretch of coastline.
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Second World War
V1 & V2 "vengeance weapons"
Operation Fortitude South

...Highly recommended many quality exhibits eg railway gun well worth a visit...
Reviewer - Adrian and Scott P.

... very worthwhile. 25 mins from channel tunnel. 2 hours well spent. A must if you are interested in WW2 history....
Reviewer - Lee, Kent

... Highly recommended. Very interesting exibits including the railway gun.Watch out for directions it is on the D490 going south from Calaise and only yards after the D940 crosses the D191 on the right. ..
Reviewer - John and Peter - Why don't you snd in a review

Location: Batterie Todt, 62179 AUDINGHEN, Cap Gris Nez.
Directions: Take D940 coast road Wimereux-Wissant; at Audinghen, turn W, follow signs to coast.
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CLOSED Dec-Jan. Open every day 10.00-12.00. 14.00-17.00 - longer hours 1 Jun-30 Sept (09.00-19.00)
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Tel: 00 33 3 21 32 97 33
Fax: 00 33 3 21 82 19 08

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