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La Gosse Lemonade Factory,
near Guînes

Traditional lemonade in old-style bottles

Started in the 'thirties
In the mid-1930s the owners of the brewery in Hardinghen started making natural lemonade and orange and lemon sodas, which they named after their newly-born daughter.

Now the factory is one of the few remaining to supply fizzy drinks made and bottled in the traditional way.

Natural ingredients
In recent years they have developed new natural flavours, like violet, pistachio, manadarin and apple - using just sugar, water and subtle natural extracts.

Touring the factory, you will see how the drinks are mixed and bottled, and enjoy a tasting - meals can also be booked. Back to top

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Boulonnais Nature Park
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Location: Le Point du Jour, BP13, 62132 HARDINGHEN
3km south of Guînes
Information/ reservations:
Tel: 00 33 3 21-85 00 96 - Fax: -85 08 26



Ardres, Guînes, Licques

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