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Notre-Dame de Lorette & la Targette
1WW cemetery and museums

The cemetery, chapel, and Lantern Tower are open every day except Xmas and New Year.

French troops hold the line in 1915
Notre Dame de Lorette commemorates bloody figting in January - March 1915, in which the 31st Battalion of French infantry eventually held the line and saved their country. A murderous and determined German attack initially penetrated the line, but were eventually driven back.

The cemetery has 20,000 white crosses, in remembrance of over 120,000 men from both sides who died in this sector.

Today you can experience four separate places at Lorette + the museum at la Targette:

  1. the Cemetery, Chapel, and Lantern Tower (open daily except Xmas, New Year)
  2. Museum of Lorette: (200m from chapel) a 30 min. visit to see a collection of 2000 evocative objects recalling the soldiers' life in the trenches, with reconstructed scenes in the dugout tunnels.
  3. Battlefield of Lorette: (near chapel) reconstructed trenches and tunnels, 30min visit.
  4. Diorama 1914-18: 400 views of the war in 3D. - a 20min visit.
  5. Museum of la Targette: [2km from Vimy on D937] - 30 min visit: see collection of 3500 soldiers' belongings and equipment, authentic documents, weapons, uniforms.

 photo-1ww trench
1. Reconstruction of dug-out tunnel at LORETTE - offering some shelter from constant enemy fire.
2. If your head was seen above the top of the front-line trench, you risked being shot by enemy snipers.
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First World War

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Between Lens and Arras
Take "Neuville St-Vaast" exit from A26 autoroute,
follow signs to "la Targette", then turn R on D937.
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Tel: 00 33 3 21 98 66 10 Fax: 00 33 3 21 98 22 82
Group bookings:
Tel: 00 33 3 21 45 15 80 Fax: 00 33 3 21 59 17 76

Book here for all 5 places - see above.
La Targette Museum: Tel/fax: 00 33 21 59 17 76




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