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Mont de Piété - Bergues Museum

  Georges de la Tour
Left -Jan van der Hoek: "Portrait of the painter"
Georges De la Tour:
"Le vielleur au chien" - first of a series of paintings of old men, started in 1620. In Bergues Municipal Museum

17th,18th & 19th century paintings
The star of the collection is the Georges de la Tour, which alone is worth a visit to Bergues - but you will also enjoy the collection of mainly Flemish and Dutch works, including Breueghel, de Velours, Pieter Soutman, Anton Van Dyck, Karel Breydel. See also works by the "school of Dunkerques" (Jan de Reyn - pupil of Van Dyck; Mathieu Elias), and the collection of drawings.

From pawnshop to museum

The Mont-de-Piété is a fine example of ornate 17th century Baroque architecture, from when Spain ruled Flanders. Built as a pawnshop to help the poor, it is now the Museum of Bergues, with a interesting collection.

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, Musée de Bergues, 1 Mont de Piété, 59380 BERGUES
South from Dunkerque on A25 motorway
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