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Estaminet "De Vierpot" & Ondank Meulen, Boeschepe

Estaminet and mill - aerial view
Estaminet "De Vierpot" next to the Ondank Meulen - the "Mill of Ingratitude"

A Flemish pub crawl - by bike!
You are riding your bike round the lanes of the "Monts de Flandres", stopping at the friendly bars ("estaminets").

On offer is a thirst-quenching drink of one of the tasty local beers, or a bite to eat of interestingly different Flemish foods. Enjoy one of the selection of traditional Flemish pub games while you're sitting at the tables in the sunshine... Back to top

Vierpot estaminet bar  Vierpot estaminet restaurant 
The mill's farmhouse was converted into the estaminet in 1982. The menu might include boiled potatoes and local ham - a traditional Flemish lunchbreak . Back to top

Ondank Meulen - the "ungrateful mill"

Ondank Meueln - the windmill  Machinery inside mill
The mill is still in working order and can be visited
(left) sails ready for the wind (right) inside - gearing to the millstone

The 'Ondank Meulen' - named in Flemish by a miller cursing his machinery for unrecorded faults - is a restored post mill, once a typical sight in the open Flanders countryside.

Today the mill is regularly open to visitors. You can see it working by wind on special occasions.

Mill and estaminet make an ideal stopping place for people exploring the attractive countryside on foot, horseback, bike, or on a gentle tour of the Heart of Flanders by car.


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Location: Estaminet de Vierpot, Au pied du Moulin, 59299 BOESCHEPE
Exit 13 from A25 autoroute north of Bailleul
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Tel/fax: 00 33 3 28 49 46 37




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