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Rodin & sculpture
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Rodin & sculpture
Calais Museum has an international reputation for the quality of its art collections. It concentrates on 19th and 20th century sculpture (Rodin, Carpeaux, Gonzales), and sculptors' preparatory designs on paper.

In the gallery you can follow the evolution of Rodin's studies for his famous monument to the Six Bourgeoises of Calais, which stands outside Calais Town Hall. You can see how he conveyed the powerful emotions attachd to this story of Calais' leading citizens surrendering to the English after starving for a year inside the walls of the besieged town. The gallery has other examples of this important 19th century artform..

Six Burghers Calais
Rodin's famous Six Burghers Monument outside Calais Town Hall

1. The scultpture gallery. 2. Rodin's study (1885-6) for the figure of Pierre de Wissant, one of the Six Burghers. 3. Antoine Louis Barye: "Napoleon wearing a frock coat" 1862.
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Jean Dubuffet: detail from "Paysage du Pas-de-Calais II""

Modern Art Gallery
The Museum also has a noted collection of the work of twentieth century painters and sculptors, such as Jean Dubuffet
(left), and Pablo Picasso (see below).

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1. Pablo Picasso: "Woman's Face" (1962). 2. Pablo Picasso: "The Old Man" (1970)
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