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World War II museum

Everyday life diring the 1940-44 German occupation: uniforms, objects, photpgraphs, posters

Kriegsmarine bunker
Calais was an important naval base during the Nazi German occupation, from which they harried Allied shipping in the Channel and the Straits of Dover. This bunker was their local HQ, heavily bomb-proofed against the frequent Allied air attacks on Calais, which severely damaged the town and port

Life in the occupied zone
The bunker shows displays of photos, posters and objects, together with military uniforms and equipment, giving you a flavour of what it was like in the North of France under German occupation.


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Second World War
V1 & V2 "vengeance weapons"
Operation Fortitude South

...The museum was very real and well worth the entrance fee which was not a lot. There are plenty of pictures of the bombings along with artifacts from the war. The bunker that it is housed in also makes it feel quite real at times. It will take about an hour, 1 1/2 max , to visit and a lot of the information is in French so it pays to have some knowledge of French. With so many things to see would be ideal for school children to get an insight to the war. They will not become bored as it's not a huge place...
Reviewer - Stan Winfield, Derby Why don't YOU send in a review?

... Went to visit the museum on a day trip to france.  My 9year old son is studying the IIWW next term at school.  It is situated in a lovely park, with fountains and seated area for picknics.  You have to really look hard to find the enterance as it is grown over with plants and trees, which makes it look lovely.  The enterence fee was EU14.00 for the three of us, that included audio guide if we wanted (advised).  There are 27 rooms to view and thousands of artifacts.  My son was enraptured with it all.  There are scall modles and life real weapons, amunitions etc.  It is very sureal.  When you walk around it is very strange feeling to know that the Germans occupied this building and what they did there.  It took us about 2hrs, but we were going slow, as there is so much to see.  there is a graphic display of the consentration camps.  Which i found quite upsetting for young children to see. But this did happen and you cant ignor it.  This is a great place to learn our history and what our people went through for freedom of people all over Europe. - It's a must to see....
Reviewer - Jill, Chris & Kieran Turner, Barton Upon Humber, Lincolnshire, England Why don't YOU send in a review?

Location: Musée de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale, Parc Saint-Pierre, Boulevard Jacquard, 62100 CALAIS.
Directions: In the park opposite Calais Town Hall, near the railway station.
Rough guide to opening: CLOSED Tues. 1 Feb - 30 Nov 11.00-17.00; open longer 1 Apr-30 Sep (10.00-18.00).
Information/ reservations:
Tel: 00 33 (0)3 21 34.21.57
Fax: 00 33 (0)3 21 96.01.92




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