Bêtises de Cambrai
famous sweet factory

Label from the famous sweets celebrates the inventor's mother, who gave the name.

Learning from your mistakes
A "bêtise" is a mistake, something stupid or wrongly done. The story that in the 19th century, young Monsieur Afchain was an apprentice in his parents' Confiserie (founded in 1830). His mother scolded him for making sweets that were not right according to the family recipe - she shouted that he made "bêtises".

But his mistakes were so popular with the customers that the family business prospered, and sold the minty sweets all over France.

Tour the factory
You can see them making sweets in the ancient copper boilers, the machines that mix up the sugar paste, as well as a museum of old confectionary boxes and tins.

Factory shop
After tasting the product, you can buy more to take away - not only the original mint flavour, but also lemon, orange and raspberry.

Background information
Sugar and Confectionary

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Location: Confiserie AFCHAIN, Zone Industrielle de Cantimpré, BP 197, 59400 CAMBRAI
3km to west of Wormhout
Take CAMBRAI exit from A2 autoroute
Information/ reservations:
Tel: 00 33 3 27 81 25 49
Fax: 00 33 3 27 81 20 40





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