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l'Estaminet 'T Kasteelhof

A Traditional Flemish pub - with a difference!
Inside the estaminet, there's a homely welcoming atmosphere: the cosy bar room is festooned with pictures, ornaments and by-gones. Whilst tasting local beers, you can play traditional Flemish pub games, which extend outside in the summer!

The menu offers over 70 locally-brewed beers - some very strong indeed! - as well as the region's ciders, and lemonades brewed from various fruits. During the evening there might be singing and music. You can eat a simple "pub meal" made from local produce, like black pudding with stewed apples and chips.

When you leave in the early hours, you're struck by the stunning view over the Flanders plain - 'T Kasteelhof in Cassel is next to the windmill on top of Mont Cassel - 176 metres high.

There's lots of others!
A full list of all the authentic Flemish estaminets is available from Tourist Offices in the area. From the 1st of June, there's an annual festival of traditional Flemish events, including tastings, guided tours, and many chances to join in playing traditional games.

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Location: 'T Kasteelhof, Mont Cassel, 59670 CASSEL.
Take Cassel exit from A25 autoroute
Information/ reservations:
Tel: 00 33 3 28 40 59 29
Fax: 00 33 3 28 42 43 23




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