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Casteel Meulen, Cassel

Red cloth sails ready to catch the breeze blowing round 176 metre high Mont Cassel. Casteel Meulen (Flemish dialect words) is a post mill - the whole body of the mill turns to face the wind.

Mill on the mountain
The old 18th century windmill works on top of Mont Cassel, the nearest Flanders has to a mountain. It was moved here in 1947, to replace one that blazed like a torch in 1911. Once Cassel had over 20 windmills, either processing local crops or draining the surrounding marshes. Some milled flour from local wheat or rye; others crushed oil seeds to make linseed oil, used for lamps and lubrication - and by Flanders' famous oil painters. This mill does both - the main body contains millstones, from which each visitor takes away a bag of its flour. Underneath, the base of the mill has been adapted so you can also see linseed oil being pressed by traditional tilt-hammer techniques.

1. Inside the mill, the gears from the sails drive the millstones
2. Oil press: oilseeds are crushed by primitive but effective stampers; the linseed oil is drained off.
3. You can buy wholemeal flour (la farine complète), or white flour - with bran sieved out. The mill also demonstrates making different types of bread.

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Location: Casteel Meulen, Mont Cassel, 59670 CASSEL.
Take Cassel exit (D948) from A25 autoroute
Information/ reservations:
Tel: 00 33 3 28 40 52 55 (Tourist Office)
Fax: 00 33 3 28 40 59 17




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