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Maison Guillaume de Rubrouck
a 13th century Flemish monk in Asia

Exhibition about Brother Guillaume

13th century monk
Brother Guillaume was sent on a great voyage to Asia to convert the Mongols. The Flemish village of Rubrouck has preserved the memory of his amazing epic journey, which is now the basis of a twinning link with Mongolia.

The Museum's exhibition shows the art, life and customs that Brother Guillaume encountered on his travels in Mongolia. He reached Mongolia in 1253, well before Marco Polo, was received with courtesy, and returned with extraordinary tales of all he had seen.

Museum in the small country village of Rubrouck: a typical Flemish cottage, near the historic old church
2. Mongol herds - nomadic tribespeople 3. Yurts, the traditional tents on the Asian steppes
Rubrouck's "giant" - Mongol band: hear their Asian music at the Museum

Twinning links
Since 1994, the village has hosted an unusual Far Eastern twinning link with Mongolia, in which they have found out about life of today's Mongols. Visitors erected a traditional "yurt", cooked typical Mongolian food, and played their own music.

New giant
Rubrouck now has a new "giant" to represent the village in festive parades: he is modelled on Brother Guillaume

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Maison Guillaume de Rubrouck, Rubrouck near CASSEL
Directions: 12km west from Cassel; take D26 Cassel-Watten, turn N on D426 about half-way for Rubrouck.
Information/ reservations:
Tel: 00 33 3 28 - 43 03 83, -42 31 21, or -42 31 99

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