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from the Cote d'Opale

A good place to learn

Sea angling
Children's sailing

The gently shelving beaches offer safe surroundings for beginners to learn to sail

Discover sailing, train for competitions, or try out wind-surfing at one of the area's sailing centres.

Wimereux's sailing school will train you for competition sailing or pleasure-boating.

Sea-angling off Berck, Etaples or Boulogne

At the sailing school at Etaples, children and adults can learn to sail in the sheltered estuary of the river Canche, venturing out into the bay as you gain confidence.

A good place to learn
Wearing your bright life-jacket, you and your companions are sailing a small dinghy with a flotilla of other beginners. You're sailing within easy reach of the shore.

Because the sandy beach shelves so gently, on many days the waves are quite gentle too.Your skilled instructor is teaching you the basics, and you know he's keeping a careful eye on you. Back to top

Summer seaside playground
The resorts of the Channel coast from Cap Gris-Nez to Berck have developed extensive facilities for recreational sailing.

Sail boats for hire
The sailing schools offer sailing boats for hire to experienced sailors as well as lessons and outings. They cater for schools and groups as well as individuals.
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Sea angling and boat trips
At several harbours you can hire a boat for sea angling expeditions, and cast a rod in the excellent offshore fishing grounds.

At Boulogne you can go on a short cruise giving you an interesting water-based view of the harbours and ships.
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The Club Nautique at Wimereux offers lessons in sailing, wind-surfing and other water sports.

First steps in sail-boarding at the Club Nautique in Wimereux
Learning to sail for children
The centres at
Wimereux has equipment for hire, and caters for school groups as well as individuals.Back to top

Where to hire, get lessons & find facilities

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Sailing off the Dunes of Flanders
(Calais, Gravelines, Dunkerque, Bray-Dunes)

Club Nautique de Wimereux
Digue de Mer
Tel: 00 33 3
Fax: 00 33 3
Email: cnw@wanadoo.fr

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Background information
KID stations - children's facilities
Sports & outdoor leisure facilities
Sailing - also facilities at the Dunes of Flanders

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