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Chartreuse Museum

The Museum is situated in an old 16-17th century Dominican convent in Douai town centre

Museum in old convent
The museum is housed in a convent built in 1559 and extended in the 17th century.

It was damaged in two world wars, and needed much repair and restoration after being partly destroyed in a bombing raid in 1944, when parts of the collections were lost in the blaze.

Gothic masterpieces
Like most French museums, it was established with artworks siezed from churches and monasteries. These include some medieval Gothic masterpieces, including two paintings by the Douaisien Jean Bellegambe.

The collection has been much diversified by later additions.

Bellegambe: Virgin Protector of the Cistercians
Jean Bellegambe: "la Vierge protectrice des Cisterciens"

The gallery is an ideal setting for the Chartreuse Museum's collection of medieval religious art works.

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Location: Musée de la Chartreuse
130 rue des Chartreuse, 59500 DOUAI
Museum Information/ reservations:
Tel: 00 33 3 27 87 17 82

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