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Le Palais de Justice, Douai

medieval palace
A 16th century monastic building which became the Flemish Parliament in 1714

Historic capital
Centuries before Lille became the chief city of Nord/ Pas-de-Calais, Douai was the major centre - with a university and many religious establishments.

When Louis XIV brought his part of Flanders into France, he chose Douai as the administrative centre. An old monastic building was converted as a home for the "parlement" of Flanders, and the courts were held here. The court room is decorated with allegorical paintings representing themes such as "Religion" and "Justice".  

As Lille grew to be a giant industrial metropolis in the late 19th century, Douai lost its role as a university town and administrative centre. But the region's highest courts are still held here. Downstairs you can see the old prison cells. In the streets nearby, you can see the judges' palatial lodgings, and the magnificent church they used.

1. 17th century court room 2. River tours depart from the Palais de Justice. 3. Church of St-Pierre used by the judges

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Location: le Palais de Justice, Place de Pollinchove, 59500 DOUAI
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Tel: 00 33 3 27 88 26 79
Fax: 00 33 3 27 99 38 78

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