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Musée des Beaux-Arts
Fine Arts Museum, Dunkerque

Jan Molenaer (c1610-1668): "Child playing with a cat" - see "17th cent. Flemish art"

A.Vermeulen: "View of Dortrecht"

The Museum's Collection: 17th - 19th century
Dunkerque's Musée des Beaux Arts has a rich collection of old masters from the 16th century onwards. Many were seized during the French Revolution, mostly from the Abbey of Saint-Winoc at nearby Bergues, so the collection's emphasis is on art from Northern Europe - especially Flemish, Dutch, and French

There are over 250 paintings and sculptures, including works by Pourbus, Van Dyck, Giordano, Rigaud, Boudin, Barye and Carpeaux; also ceramics and silverwork.

1. H.Rigaud: "Young Negro holding a bow". 2. F.II Pourbus: "Martyrdom of St.George".
3. W.Van Herp: "La Continence de Scipion l'Africain"

Modern art & sculpture

3. César sculpture: "Crushed Car"

The Museum displays representative works from different art movements in the 20th century:

1. Alechinsky: "De Retour". 2. K.Appel: "The Fish"

Pirates in the Local History Gallery
The basement traces the social history of Dunkerque - its port, people and their jobs, with portraits, views of the town from the 17th to 19th centuries, ships' navigation equipment and objects and ornaments that illustrate the lives of local heroes like Jean Bart.

There is also a natural history gallery with birds, butterflies, insects, minerals and fossils.

Chinese ivory: elephant and children

Exotic curiosities
When the Museum was started in 1829, Dunkerque's seafaring captains were encouraged to bring back "curiosities" collected from their voyages in Asia, the Pacific, Africa and South America.

The displays are a product of Dunkerque's extensive world-wide commercial and trading contacts as a major port in the days of sailing ships.


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