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Dunkerque Harbour tours

Passing the Port Museum and its 3-masted schooner "Duchesse Anne"

Explore the third biggest port in France
On a summer day, you enjoy the cool breeze as the historic monuments of Dunkerque's old harbour glide past the panoramic windows of the motor boat "Bazenne'. On offer is a 1hr tour of the old Port de Commerce; 1hr 45m exploring the huge modern industrial port to the east; or a magical night tour to see the lights and fires of the port and its industry.

2. Discovering the huge modern industrial port, with giant ships from all over the world
3. Night tour - tour price includes a drink.

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Embarkation: La Bazenne, place du Minck à Dunkerque
follow directions in Dunkerque for 'Port'
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Tel/fax: 00 33 3 28 59 11 14




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