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along the Flanders Dunes beaches

What is sand-yachting?
Getting started

The wide flat sandy beaches are great for various kinds of sand-yachting

You can do it sitting down
(called "char à voile")....

...or standing up (called "speed-sailing").

Dunes and sandy beaches line the coast for miles,
from Cap-Blanc-Nez near Calais to the Belgian border and beyond

What is sand yachting?
You're sitting on a bucket seat fixed to what looks like a flimsy frame of lightweight poles, bowling along the sandy seashore with hardly any sound - just the hum of the wheels, and the distant lapping of the waves. You're too busy hanging on to the rope that controls your sail to look around you at the spectacularly flat coastline. This is your first lesson in sand-yachting!

With miles of continuous flat sandy beaches, and a coastline swept with bracing fresh winds from off the Channel or the North Sea, you couldn't wish for better conditions.

Several centres offer lessons and hire the equipment. Most take groups as well as individuals.
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Getting started
There are different sorts of sand-yachting. With "Char à voile"
(sail-carting) you are sitting down in something like a sail-driven go-kart, so you have a safely low centre of gravity. This is generally best for beginners - it feels safer to be closer to the ground while you're getting started!

Or you can try "speed-sailing" which is like sail-boarding on wheels (with you standing up on a small platform), and generally goes faster.
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Where to hire, get lessons & find facilities

Bray-Dunes area:
Base de Speed Sail, 726 boulevard Trystram, 59240 LEFFRINCKOUCKE.
Tel: 00 33 3 28 69 05 06

Ecole de Char À Voile Zephir, Rue des Dunes Prolongées, 59123 ZUYDCOOTE
Tel: 00 33 3 28 26 50 98
Fax: 00 33 3 28 58 27 01
Centre de Char À Voile des Rives de l'Aa, 27 rue de la Chapelle, BP 139, 59820 GRAVELINES
Tel/ fax: 00 33 3 28 23 41 70

Base de Char À Voile, rue de la Chapelle, BP 142, 59820 GRAVELINES
Tel/ fax: 00 33 3 28 23 43 75


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