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Distillerie Persyn, Houlle nr. Saint-Omer

1. The distillery. 2. Local grain. 3. Grain mash. 4. Mixing in the herbs

5. The herby-mash liquid is heated in the still - steamy vapour rises up the neck and off to the right, where it cools and condenses to form the gin liquor:

Started under Napoleon
This distillery started making gin in 1812 - to supply English smugglers during the French Wars 1803-1815.

To avoid the heavy English taxes on spirits, English smugglers crossed the Channel to buy foreign gin. Napoleon had set up warehouses on the beach at Gravelines, packed with all the goods the smugglers wanted.

This distillery was set up in 1812 just up the River Aa from Gravelines. See the feature on 'gin' for more about the distinctive local product.

6. Copper stills. 7. The spirit liquor 8. Aged in barrels. 9. Sold in bottles or the traditional pottery flask

Your visit to this family-run distillery ends with a tasting in the reception room (right) and an opportunity to buy some gin.

Boat trips
You can visit this distillery by
a boat trip along the River Aa from Saint-Omer or Gravelines.

"Genever" gin

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Location: Distillerie Persyn, 19 route de Watten, 62910 HOULLE
Take St-Omer exit from A26 autoroute, then N43 in the Calais direction to Houlle
Information/ reservations:
Tel: 00 33 3 21 93 01 71 - Fax: 00 33 3 21 39 25 36




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