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Olhain Leisure Park & the “Arbronauts”

You can sleep in tents 20 metres above the ground!
Spend all day hanging from the trees!

Live up in the trees
It's a wierd experience, but it is possible at Olhain Park to live like Tarzan, high up in the branches of the forest....

Your feet don't touch the ground for hours, but it's perfectly safe. You swing fom the trees in secure rope harnesses, travelling from tree to tree - even eating picnic meals high up above ground.

Be an arbronaut
You can be an “arbronaut” for a couple of hours, or for a short 2-day break. The leaders use adapted mountaineering techniques to make it safe, whilst feeling adventurous. Your life in the trees is in the beautiful setting of the Olhain Park forest near Béthune - more sites are planned, including one in Guînes forest in the
Boulonnais Nature Park.

On a hot summer day, local families flock to Olhain Park outdoor swimming pool

Olhain Leisure Park
Olhain's departmental Nature & Leisure Park offers you the opportunity to escape in 450 hectares of forest. You can choose from many sports and leisure activities - swimming pool
(left), golf, tennis, mini-golf. The park has refreshment facilities and a 2* campsite; also walking and mountain-bike trails. Away from organised facilities, there is space to enjoy the outdoors and the wildlife - you can visit nearby Olhain Castle.

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Location: Parc Depatremental de Nature et Loisirs OLHAIN, 62150 HOUDAIN
Directions: Take Bruay-Bethune exit from A26 autoroute, then the D301 from Bruay.
Rough guide to opening: Park open all year
Information/ reservations:
Tel: 00 33 (0)3 21 27 91 79 (Arbronauts: 00 33 3 21 27 91 70)
Fax: 00 33 3 21 64 17 95

Other places to visit:

Olhain Castle: complete medieval moated castle




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