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Botanica gardens, near St.Pol

Botanic gardens
Botanica plan
Diagram of the different gardens - see Botanica website

Different styles of garden
Botanica sets out to show different styles of gardens you can create, with a plant shop, garden centre, refreshments, and lots of information about the plants from interactive displays.

In 4 hectares you will see 4000 varieties of perennials, shrubs and trees carefully blended to make a landscape with new interest round every corner.

Each section is based on a theme - like a Japanese garden; some are typical of the region, like the priest's kitchen garden.

Group activities include: seminars, photography, and discovery sessions for children.

Other gardens
The chalk hills of the "Seven Valleys" area are well-suited to gardening. There are several other gardens open to the public in the area.

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Background information

...We visited the gardens a few years ago. It is a worthy project with much of interest for the keen gardener. However, we felt that they were probably short of workers as some of the beds were rather weedy. Hopefully things may have improved since then...
Reviewer - RosemaryB, Independent traveller. Why don't you send in a review?
Location: 79 rue de Fruges, 62130 HERNICOURT-SAUTRICOURT
Directions: 5km north from St-Pol on D 343
Information/ reservations:
Tel/fax: 00 33 (0)3 21 04.04.03

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