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Glass Museum and workshop

Trelon Glass Museum: exterior
1. Glass Museum/ factory-workshop, Trélon.
Trelon Glass Museum: restored1890's glass kiln
2. Inside: old kiln built in 1890's, made champagne bottles.

Bottles for champagne
Accompanied by your guide, step into the fiery factory where bottles were crafted especially for French luxury goods - to stand the pressure of fizzy champagne.

Living museum
The building dates from 1823, and is still a working glass workshop. You'll see images of craftsmen sweating to blow and shape the molten glass, drawn straight out of the side holes in the kiln at 1400 degrees F. The kiln dates from 1890, when they were making 6 million bottles a year!

After the disruption of the
First World War, when the area was occupied by the German army, the factory re-opened and switched to making flasks for exotic perfume...

How glass is made
You'll find out that glass is mainly sand, heated up with added metals, and how it was made in the 19th and 20th centuries, up to 1925 when the factory closed.

The ingredients are heated up in "pots", which are re-used and last only about 6 months because of the fierce temperatures. You'll see displays of old pots.

How glass is made
Glass is still still made by hand today at Trélon. Contemporary artists demonstrate hand-blowing as they explore what imaginative creations they can make with glass in all its colours.

 Trelon Glass Museum: glass is fired in pots  Trelon Glass Museum: later kiln
3. Close-up: glass was made in "pots", which were wheeled into the kiln. 4. The later kiln has more machinery, with overhead rails to help move the hot glass.
Trelon Glass Museum: model of the glassworks  Trelon Glass Museum: glass-making demonstartion 
4. A model of Trélon glass works in its heyday, at the heart of the village 4. See modern glass-artists hand blowing and shaping hot glass Trelon.
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Part of the regional Ecomuseum
A group of preserved factories and museums in the Avenois keep alive the industrial hertage of the area.
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Background information
Industrial revolution in France
Water-power & watermills
Textile industry

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