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Musée des Beaux-Arts

The Museum is in a fine spacious turn-of-the-century building on the edge of the town centre

Collection of 17th century Flemish paintings

The Gallery Collections
Built at the beginning of the 20th century, Valenciennes' Fine Arts Museum has recently been greatly extended.

It has an outstanding collection of 17th century Flemish paintings and 19th century French sculpture.

The Flemish collection includes religious works by Rubens, Martin de Vos, Caspar de Crayer, Jansens, and Jordaens.

18th century French paintings include a rare portrait by the locally-born painter (c. 1716) Antoine Watteau.

The star of the 19th century French collection is the work of Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux - also born in Valenciennes. You can see 150 of his scuptures, including the famous bust "la Négress", as well as many of his paintings and drawings. Back to top

Collection of 19th century scupture
inclusding works by local artist Capeaux.

Rubens: "Le Martyre de saint Etienne"

   Gallery education
The lofty central gallery around the stairwell has a magnificent display of French sculpture - with good examples by local son, Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux. Activities can be arranged for school groups and children.
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Location: Musée des Beaux-Arts, boulevard Watteau,

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