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Boat trips from Douai to see historic buildings along the River Scarpe - and longer trips on the canal

Wandering round old Douai, you've enjoyed glimpses into the rich past of a city that prospered in the Middle Ages. Its wealth was based on river trade. The river Scarpe was the route from Arras to Lille and the North Sea coast, and ships had to stop and unload at Douai - and pay tolls to the Count of Flanders.

Douai's merchants sold grain harvested from the monastery lands round about, and imported grain and wine to be sold in town fairs and markets. The town had a university and many important religious buildings.

Today you can explore this past on a boat trip down the river. You can climb the famous belfry, a watchtower built in the early 15th century. You'll hear the famous bells ring out - which play a tune to mark the time of the day.
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Douai's belfy towers over the town

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1. View of the town and Saint-Pierre's church from the top of the belfry;
2. Chartreuse Museum, part of Douai's rich heritage of old religious buildings

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Places des Armes, DOUAI.
Tel: 00 33 3 27 88 26 79
Fax: 00 33 3 27 99 38 78

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Places to visit:
Belfry and Town Hall - hear Europe's biggest peal of bells
Chartreuse Museum - local museum & art gallery, Douai
Gayants - Douai's town mascots, a family of giants
"Les Gayantines" - sweets for giants from Douai
Palais de Justice - historic riverside courts, start of river tour.
River Tours - starting from Douai
Centre Historique Minier - Mining Museum at nearby small town of Lewarde (8km from Douai)
Denis Papin Centre, Oignies - Small mining museum & industrial railways.
Chicory Museum - Orchies

Scarpe-Escaut Regional Park - leisure access and facilities to countryside and forests between Douai and Valenciennes



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