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Hazebrouck - important railway junction
Hazebrouck grew as a textile town the 16th century when Philip II of Spain built a
canal linking the town to the River Lys. It has a much older history - which still continues - as a market town for local farmers.

In the 19th century, Hazebrouck gained a striking classical town hall in the Napoleonic era, and became an important railway junction, which led to it being a military target during World Wars I and II.

Hazebrouck station-19th century
In the 1860's Hazebrouck became a busy railway junction between the Lille-Calais, and Dunkerque-Arras lines.
Hazebrouck's Napoleonic Town Hall Folk dancing at Hazebrouck
Hazebrouck Town Hall, built at the beginning of the 19th century under Napoleon (the clock was added later) - Traditional Folk dancing in the main square, where weekly markets are also held.
Hazebrouck giants parade Hazebrouck giants in Museum
The town giants on an “outing”, and in their usual home - in the town museum.

Town Traditions
Hazebrouck's giants - Roland, Tijse-Tajse, Toria and Babe-Tajse - are normally there to welcome you to the town's Museum.

The Flemish-style building was once an Augustinian Friary, andnow displays a collection of Flemish and French paintings, church relics, and a traditional Flemish kitchen. .

Hazebrouck: Augustines' Museum  Hazebrouck Carnival
formerly Chapel and Friary of the Augustines - Outside: waiting for the Giants to lead the Carnival procession

Hazebrouck-museum galleryMusée des Augustins: Art Gallery, collection of French and Flemish paintings

Location: Musée des Augustins, HAZEBROUCK
Directions: Take N42 W from St-Omer; from A25 Dunkerque-Lille autoroute, exit 11, take N42 E to Hazebrouck.
Information/ reservations:
Tel: 00 33 3 28 43 03 83

Hot air balloons

Hazebrouck balloons at night Hazebrouck: Mont golfieres Passion
Hot-air balloons - invented by the Montgolfier brothers in the 1780's. You can ride in one from Hazebrouck over the surrounding countryside.

Location: Club Montgolfières Passion, 253 rue d'Aire, HAZEBROUCK
Directions: - as above -.
Information/ reservations:
Tel: 00 33 3 28 41 65 59

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