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19th century loom in Tourcoing's Centre for Local History - origins of weaving by water-power
Tourcoing medieval Franche Fair
The annual Franche Fair in May celebrates Tourcoing's important medieval trade fairs

Smoky textile mills
Tourcoing narrowly missed being part of Belgium when the borders of France were settled at the time of King Louis XIV. It grew rapidly as a working town of smoky textile mills in the 19th century to become, with
Roubaix, the textile capital of France.

When the local textile industry collapsed in the economic crisis of the 1980's, Tourcoing had heavy unemployment.

It's now linked to the motorway network, and to central Lille by a fine new Metro as well as a modern tramway.

The regeneration of Tourcoing is finding value in the legacy from its past - restoring heritage buildings, and seeking to attract tourists. It seeks a new economic future by diversifying into creative industries like mail order, graphic arts and printing.

Cultural life
As a visitor, you will enjoy strolling in the pedestrian zones around Saint-Christophe Church, along the canal or in the public gardens. "Tourcoing, the creative town" is building up cultural assets like the "Théâtre du Nord", the "Atelier Lyrique" (opera house), and a calendar of cultural events like the Tourcoing Jazz Festival (every Oct-Nov).

Jobs and art students are attracted to lively new college and university institutions linked with Le Fresnoy, the National Studio for Contemporary Art - spilling over to rejuvenate today's remaining textile industry with a focus on innovation, creativity, top quality and new fibres.

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Tourcoing Fine Arts Museum - mix of old masters, contemporary art & performance
Trams - go for a ride alongside the River Deule
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Background Information:
Textiles industry - Tourcoing was a town of cloth mills
Medieval wool trade
History of Flanders - France/Belgium border




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