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Aux Pêcheurs d’Etaples
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Traditional moules-frites

Fresh oysters

Fishermen’s co-op
A seafood brasserie, in the heart of Lille.
Small fishing boats from Etaples land fresh fish and shell-fish daily, ready for market - or to sell in their own restaurants, run by the fishermen’s co-op. Famous for their fish soup, they offer a varied menu in a maritime decor - making the most of each day’s catch. You can choose “brasserie” type meals, like the favourite mussels and chips, try the oyster bar, or the chef’s fish dishes.

1. Etaples fisherman out in the Channel. 2. Landing the fish catch at night. 3. Wonderful variety of fresh shellfish from the beaches of the Côte d’Opale

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Location: Aux Pêcheurs d'Etaples, 150 rue de Solférino, 59000 LILLE.
Information/ reservations:
Tel: 00 33 3 20 40 20 38 - Fax: 00 33 3 20 30 14 66
Fish shop, tel: 00 33 3 20 40 20 39

Places to visit:
Nausicaa - learn about the marine environment, sea pollution and conservation of fish stocks.



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