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Centre National de la Mer
[National Sea Centre] Boulogne

Nausicaa sea-lions
Sea-lions in their natural environment at Nausicaa - don't miss feeding time!

All about fish, the sea and marine life
On rocks lashed by ocean swell, sea-lions dive into the waves for fish. Nausicaa shows them enjoying their natural environment, as part of its mission - to show how we must learn to care for the seas or face the consequences.

Fishing from a deep-sea trawler
You are standing on the deck of a French deep-sea trawler, weeks out from its home port of Boulogne, pitching and tossing in a bitter North Sea gale... Actually it's a walk-in exhibit at Boulogne's new multi-million pound sea-world museum - appropriately sited at what is still France's biggest fishing port, and now doubled in size.

Nausicaa reflects the French fascination and concern about the marine environment. Find out about pollution of the sea, and threats to fish stocks, and other marine life such as whales.

Nausicaa deep-sea trawler  Nausicaa tropical lagoon  Nausicaa- stroke a ray fish
1. Deep-sea trawler display 2. Tropical lagoon - where sharks bask.... 3. Stroking a ray-fish.
Nausicaa shark tank
At a lower level, you can see the sharks swimming in the lagoon

Tropical lagoons to the cold North Sea
You can explore life in the oceans from all latitudes - from a tropical lagoon (see
above) to the cold seas and unfathomable depths.

Come close...
If you're lucky you can persuade the rays to allow themselves to be stroked.. an unforgettable moment!

You certainly remember standing eye-to-eye with the sharks, predators of the sea, and only separated from you by a pane of glass...

Nausicaa Boulogne -Look under the Tropical lagoon  Nausicaa Boulogne - fish on coral reef
See fish swim right past your eyes in this underwater window on the tropical lagoon
(Left): The spectacular window on the unseen deeps (right): fish on the coral reef
Nausicaa Boulogne - aerial view
Nausicaa just keeps getting better and better!
The Centre has been extended several times, with new features added.
It is the most popular visitor attraction north of Paris after Parc Asterix!
Background Information

...An excellent day out, especially for the children...
Reviewer - Mr Walker, Camberley.Why don't you send in a review?
Location: Nausicaa,
Boulevard Sainte Beuve, 62200 Boulogne-sur-Mer.
Directions: on the seafront by the entrance to the port at Boulogne; take exit 3 or 31 from A16 autoroute and follow signs.
Rough guide to opening: Every day: 9.30am - 6.30pm; July-Aug: 9.30am -7.30pm. Check website for possible CLOSED period in January
Tel: 00-33 21-30-98-98 (enquiries)
Tel:00-33 21-30-99-99 (group bookings)
Fax: 00-33 21 30-93-94
E-mail: [email protected]

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