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Mareis - Centre about working fishermen

Most of Etaples' boats today work out of Boulogne, which has a big fish market and fish processing factory.

Discover the world of today's fishermen
A new interactive exhibition in the still active fishing port of Etaples gives you a unique feel for what it's like to go to sea in a 24-foot trawler.

Experience the frightening atmosphere of being part of the crew on-board a trawler in a gale-force wind - not only seeing as if on the bridge how they handle the heaving ship, but also how they cope with the big nets and bringing in the fresh fish so the market has its supplies the following morning.

Get to know the fish!
You find out about - and can even touch! - the fish that live in the Channel. There's a large aquarium with what you'd see on a "dive" down to a shipwreck on the seabed, and a tactile pool.

Experience the frightening atmosphere of a trawler in a force 10 gale, as well as navigation simulators and "fishy tales"
The exhibitions also include the management of the marine environment - important now that fish are a dwindling resource, hit by pollution as well as modern intensive fishing - and the lives of people in the fishing communities on land.
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MAREIS: housed in an old fish-net factory. Making nets was a job for the wives.
MARKETING: wives also sold the catch on the quayside. AD: fresh fish, sold by rail all over France. Even in france, frozen fish and ready-made fish meals are now more important
DISPLAY: tides in the estuary at Etaples. INSIDE THE FISH: the bits you eat.
TOUCH-POOL: get up close to shell-fish, AQUARIUM: fish of the Channel swim around a "wreck".

Huge trawler net hoovers fish out of the sea...

Dwindling fish stocks
Find out just how savage life underwater life really is - of every million cod eggs hatched, only a few dozen make it to adulthood. In the sea, everything is out to eat you! Did you know, cod can live up to 40 years?

See how modern electronics make it too easy to find and catch the shoals of fish: fewer adults mean fewer young fish hatched, and stocks die out. Fishermen need their electronics to find the scarce shoals left in an increasingly empty ocean - while pollution makes coastal waters unhealthy for man and fish.....

Where to eat in Etaples - we recommend:
Aux Pêcheurs d'Etaples - seafood restaurant run by local fishermen's co-op

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MAREIS Centre de la Pêche Artisinale, La Corderie, Boulevard Bigot-Descelers, 62630 ETAPLES.
Directions: Take exit 26 from the A16 autoroute Boulogne-Amiens. Head for Etaples, by the river.
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Tel: 00 33 3 21 09 04 00 - Fax: 00 33 3 21 09 00 61




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