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General de Gaulle Museum

Algerian colonists tried to assassinate de Gaulle in this car

Famous wartime leader
General de Gaulle rose to fame as leader of the Free French forces whilst in exile in London during World War 2.

After a period in the political wilderness, he became President of France in the 1950's - when he brought stability to a country divided and in chaos as it struggled to adjust to the postwar situation , particularly whether to give independence to France's north African colony of Algeria.

Charles de Gaulle was born at 9 rue de Princesse to the north of Lille's city centre on the 22nd of November1890, in the house of his mother's parents. Known as "le Petit Lillois de Paris" the General's fascinating and varied life is recounted in a series of superb photo exhibits at his birthplace museum.
Among physical artefacts connected with the great President are:

  • His baptismal shawl.
  • The sword he wore at military school in Saint-Cyr.
  • The DS car that was involved in the attempt on his life at Petit Clamart ... immortalised in the film "Day of the Jackal" (pictured above).
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