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You feel exhilerated after skiing down the artificial ski slope. It's almost as good as the Alps, except for the bright colour of the plastic "snow"!

LOISINORD is the first year-round ski resort of its kind in France - with two slopes 300 metres high for downhill skiing. One is a training slope reserved for beginners.

Ski lift to the summit - 300m high

Legacy of coal-mining

Water sports
LOISINORD also has a water sports centre on the lake next to the former slag-heap. Here you can waterski - pulled round by a cable strung from pylons round the lake. You can also learn to sail in a dinghy or on a sailboard - or paddle a kayak. Or you can just swim and sunbathe.

Land reclamation
150 years of coal-mining left 230 slag-heaps scarring the countryside round here.

Since the last mine closed in 1990 most slag-heaps have become green areas - country parks, with walks and even forests. Other sporting uses include foot-racing and mountain-bike tracks

Waterskiers wait to be pulled round the lake by a cable strung from pylons

Sailing school - the ski slope. and one of the waterski pylons are seen in the distance

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