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Hôtel Sandelin Museum, Saint-Omer
Musée Henri Dupuis, Saint-Omer

Hotel Sandelin Museum
Henri Dupuis museum
Musée du Hotel Sandelin, Saint Omer: front courtyard
From the rue Carnot, aristocratic carriages once swept through the gates into the courtyard of the stylish Hotel Sandelin - a mansion built in 1776

Balthasar van der Ast(1593-1657): "Lizard with conche shells"

18th century mansion
Saint-Omer's Fine Arts Museum is in an elegant town-house, built in 1776-7 - only a decade before the French Revolution, which swept away such luxury. It was built by the widowed Marie Josèphe Sandelin, Countess of Fruges, as her winter residence. She also had a castle in the countryside at Elnes.

The mansion itself - particularly its major salons - is an important exhibit, and is now re-opened after a complete renovation. Its typical Louis XVI-style layout has two wings either side of the main building, enclosing a gated courtyard in front, where carriages arrive, with a formal garden behind.

Fine arts museum
Since 1904 it has been the town's fine arts museum, with archeological collections as well as paintings and sculpture.

The objects on display are evidence of Saint Omer's rich history. It was one of the main towns in medieval Flanders, near its borders with the Artois region. You can see Roman mosaics and medieval altarpieces, paintings and fine gold and silver objects.

Hotel Sandelin Museum: ceramic collection, plate
China plate: see the fine collection of European and Asian ceramics

Paintings and ceramics
The art collection has paintings from the late 16th century to the early 19th.

You can also see one of the finest collections of European and Asian earthenware, porcelain and terracotta to be found in any French museum, with objects from 17th and 18th century factories.

The foot of a gold/bronze cross attributed to Saint-Bertin, made around 1180 - now in L'hôtel Sandelin museum, Saint-Omer

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Musée de l'Hôtel Sandelin, 14 rue Carnot, 62500 SAINT-OMER
Directions: 2 mins walk from Town Hall and Place Foch.
Information/ reservations:
Tel: 00 33 3 21 38 00 94 -
Fax : 00 33 3 21 98 61 21
Email: [email protected]

Henri Dupuis' complete Flemish kitchen
Complete Flemish kitchen

Henri Dupuis Museum
Wealthy 19th century local collector, Henri Dupuis (1819-89), lived near the Cathedral where his house reflected his passions.

He recreated a characteristic Flemish tiled kitchen, for which he collected furniture and ceramics.

Henri Dupuis: collector Saint Omer
Henri Dupuis 1819-89
Henri Dupuis' study - museum, Saint Omer
Henri Dupuis' study

Avid collector
M. Dupuis amassed collections of stuffed birds of the world, which he had arranged in settings representing their natural habitats. He was equally enthusiastic in collecting shells, and as an amateur minerologist, also built up comprehensive selections of rocks, minerals, fossils, and gemstones.

His house - a sizeable stone-fronted 18th century mansion - was left to the town as a museum. It was rearranged as a natural history museum in the 'fifties, with part of the collections from the
Sandelin Museum.



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