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Tourcoing Fine Arts Museum

The Gallery exhibits works by theme, producing an eclectic mixture that prompts unusual comparisons

An original museum
Housed in an elegant private mansion dating from the 1930's, the Tourcoing Fine Arts Museum brings together old masters, contemporary art, and live performances in an unusual thought-provoking mixture.

Works by Boilly and Rembrandt sit side-by-side with those of contemporary artists, some of which were created by the artists in situ. (Sol Lewit (below), Philippe Cazal, Pat Steiner...)

  Sol Lewit: work in situ
Activities for school groups and children
(left) - Work done in situ in the museum by artist Sol Lewit (right)

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Tourcoing Musée des Beaux-Arts, 2 rue Paul Doumer, TOURCOING
Directions: Metro or tramway from central Lille to Tourcoing; by car, exit 15 or 17 from A22 Lille-Belgium autoroute
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Tel: 00 33 3 20 28 91 60




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