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Club Nautique de Wimereux
Water Sports centre

Adults enjoy windsurfing on windier days when the waves offer challenging conditions. Young learners take first steps in handling a sail-board in shallow water near the shore.

Learn to sail!
You are sailing a small catamaran through the gentle waves, hanging out over the sea to balance the sail like a professional... Your flotilla is closely watched by the qualified instructor from a motor boat, so you know you're safe. After just a few sessions of a week's introductory course of 5 x half-days, you're enjoying a sail round the bay....

The wide flat sandy beach of the Bay of Saint-Jean, sheltered by Boulogne harbour to the south, and Cap Gris-Nez to the north. Back to top

From the age of 11, children can learn on small catamarans, while the youngest go out in small dinghies - like 'Optimists'. Small groups of learners out in the sheltered bay are supervised by their instructor from a motor-boat. Yellow buoys mark the area reserved for sail training to avoid conflict from other water users.

Using the facilities
The club is open to school groups and clubs, offering use of its facilities, club house, training courses, coaching and a variety of competitions and regattas. Individuals can also join - you can store your boat in the club's yard on the seafront, and use its equipment (you may need to train for relevant qualifications).

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Location: Club Nautique de Wimereux
Digue de Mer, 62930 WIMEREUX
10km north from Lille on D 959
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Tel: 00 33 3
Fax: 00 33 3
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