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Europa Centre for Modern Languages
Havering, England

Pupils practice the target language buying goods in the shops with foreign currency

In a 2 hour visit they have an intensive language experience immersed in a carefully-planned authentic environment.

Preparing for a visit abroad...
For teachers who want to give their class a "practice" visit to France, Germany or Spain, the Europa Centre offers a unique experience. Staff at the centre play the parts of the "inhabitants" of a small town. When pupils walk through the doors, they're given real foreign currency, shopping bags, and a list of agreed tasks.

They visit the shops, railway station, doctor's surgery, bank, post office, hotel, etc.... They buy goods, refreshments in the cafe, make enquiries and reservations, gather information about the town and the people who live there, make telephone calls, write postcards, etc - all while speaking the language of the country.

Build confidence
It’s a useful experience to give pupils intensive experience of authentic conversation, and boost their experience ready for a real visit abroad in less controlled conditions. The Centre offers planned visits appropriate to your pupils in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian or Japanese. Contact the Centre for prices, further details and to discuss your requirements. A video is available for preparation and to show what can be achieved in a visit to the Centre.

...Schools need go no further than Essex to bring foreign language learning to life.. Reviewer - T.E.S.
Europa Centre for Modern Languages, The Walk, HORNCHURCH RM11 3TL (near M25, A13, and main stations/ District line)
Information/ reservations:
Tel: 01708 - 445694 / 440087
Fax: 01708 - 445639



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