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Giant Binbin outside valenciennes town hall The town giant "Binbin" outside the Town Hall
Musse des Beaux-ArtsFine Arts museum - see why Valenciennes is called "the Athens of the North"
Vignoble Lake, Valenciennes

Vignoble lake

Fine provincial old town
If you wander round the old town in Valenciennes, as well as admiring the architecture of the houses, the Watteau and Froissart Squares, the Rennaissance facade of the Town Hall, and the Rhônelle Gardens sculptures, you may meet a giant!

Town giant
The Valenciennes giant, "Binbin", is an orphan over 3 metres tall. He leads the September carnival procession through the town, and appears for other important local festivities.

Town centre lake
On the large Vignoble Lake in the heart of the town, you can go wind-surfing, sailing or rowing.





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New trams to improve town environment, ease congestion

Proposed tram scheme, Valenciennes
New trams will take cars off town streets, improve the environment, and help people beat traffic jams in getting to work, shop or college.

In the next few years, Valenciennes will have a brand-new tram system - designed to link the town with the big Japanese Toyota car factory on the outskirts, and in the other direction, with the growing University. Both are important to the growth of the local economy to replace jobs lost in coal-mining and steel-making.

This will not be the first innovative new public transport system in Nord - Pas de Calais - the region also has Lille's driverless metro, the "VAL", and a pioneer regionally-run railway network - see rail travel.

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Places to visit
Fine Arts Museum - Valenciennes
Nature Park & forests - St-Amand les-Eaux
Spa -St-Amand les-Eaux
Centre Historique Minier - Mining Museum at Lewarde, near Douai.




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