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Monasteries in Nord - Pas-de-Calais

Much of what remained of St-Bertin's Abbey in Saint-Omer was demolished after the second world War, because the ruins had become unsafe.

St-Bertin's Abbey in 1814, before much of its stone had been quarried for building projects.

Monasteries flourished in what is now Nord - Pas-de-Calais especially in river valleys where there were marshes and woods that could be reclaimed for farming. All these monasteries were founded in the 7th - 9th centuries.

In Arras, St-Vaast's Abbey was rebuilt in the18th century. Napoleon allowed the adjacent Abbey chapel to become a cathedral for Arras, to replace that destroyed in the Revolution.
The Abbey was completed as a Cathedral in classical style inside and out in 1833.

Vaucelles Abbey - a later 12th century Cistercian abbey, founded on the banks of the River Escaut.


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Places to visit:
Ruins of medieval monasteries:
St-Bertins Abbey (ruins), St-Omer
Vaucelles Abbey (ruined Cistercian abbey)
St-Amand Abbey (ruins)
St-Vaast's Abbey (now a museum) in Arras
19th century monasteries created after the Revolution:
Mont des Cats - near Bailleul

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