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Your TOP 10 "must-see" places


1. Nausicaa - explore the marine environment and how man interacts with it at Boulogne's seaworld centre

2. La Coupole - World War 2 Nazi German rocket base near St-Omer

3. Historic Mining Centre - experience going down a coalmine near Douai

4. Palais des Beaux-Arts, LILLE - the No.2 art gallery in France after the Louvre

5. Ecomusée Fourmies-Trèlon - life and work in the Avenois hills where France's industrial revolution was born

6. Site des 2 Caps - spectacular views, countryside walks, and wildlife along the protected Channel coast

7. Port Museum, Dunkerque -lively history of one of France's major ports and one-time home of corsairs.

8. Bagatelle theme park - white-knuckle rides, park, and zoo, with new attractions every year

9. Calais Museum of Lace - did you know Calais was the world's major supplier of machine-made fine lace?

10. St-Omer Cathedral - North France's gothic masterpiece, with an astrological clock and other treasures.

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