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Beck Farm, Bailleul - farm & brewery

Hop harvest at Beck Farm
hop-picking  beer fest  effigy burns
Hops are ready to pick in early September - an occasion Beck Farm marks with a beer festival, at the end of which an effigy of the farmer is burnt on a bonfire.


Monsieur BECK's beer comes in champagne-style corked bottles. He grows all the ingredients on his own farm.

Monsieur Beck grows all the ingredients for his delicious hoppy beer on his own farm: not only the hops, whose fruits add the distinctive bitter flavour, but also the barley grain (which is sent away to a nearby malthouse for roasted and soaked ready for brewing) and the fresh pure water drawn from a well on the farm. Back to top

Small-scale brewery
ingredients  brewers
Monsieur BECK and his son brewing the beer.The brewery is in the farmyard.
All their beer is sold to visitors on the site. They brew their "Hommelpap" beer every few weeks - whenever new supplies are needed!
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Farm visits
1. Meet the farm animals 2. Milking 3. Horse and cart ride 4. Restaurant in the farmyard
Groups can stay on the farm to study hop-growing, see the animals, watch the dairy cows being milked, and go for rides through the countryside in the horse-drawn cart. Two gites are available on the farm: for 36 and 40 persons. The restaurant is open to the public at weekends.

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Location: Ferme BECK, Eeckelstraete, 59270 BAILLEUL
Off A25 Dunkerque-Lille
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Tel: 00 33 3
Fax: 00 33 3




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