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Andouillettes - chitterlings sausages

An eel + ingredients for Anguilles au vert

Coq a la biere

Coq à la bière - "chicken stew"

Flamiche or Tarte au Fromage
eaten with local cider and fresh-baked bread

Regional Specialities
"There is an enormous choice of excellent restaurants in Nord-Pas de Calais - including many that cater for coach parties, and an increasing number that offer a taste of regional specialities," says Julian Lucas

Many also offer a "national cuisine" - the sort of good food and drink you could find almost anywhere in France.

Dishes to look out for

Andouillettes - small sausages made from chitterlings [offal] and served with chips or mashed potato. Speciality of Arras.

Anguilles au vert - eels cooked with spinach and sorrel leaves in white wine; garnished with herbs and served hot or cold on fried bread.

Carbonade à la flamande - a wonderful Flemish beef stew. It uses slices of beef already charcoal-grilled, then cooked with onions in strong local beer.

Carpe à la bière - carp fished from local rivers, cooked in butter with onions, shallots, celery, bay and thyme; then baked with strong local beer and spiced bread.

Coq à la bière - "chicken stew", cooked in beer with vegetables. Ideally made with free-range poultry from Licques.

Flamiche - Either a sweet or a savoury tart ("flamiche" is the Flemish word for cake.) The best known Flamiche is made with leeks. Flamiches are often made with Maroilles, a strong cheese from the Avenois, or other local cheeses.

Gaufres à la citrouille - a pumpkin waffle made with a batter mixed with cooked vegetable and rum. Waffles made with various flavours and fillings are a Flemish favourite.

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Hochepot Flamand - Flemish stew, a "hotch-potch" of mixed meats (pig's ears and tails, breast of beef, oxtail, shoulder of mutton, salt bacon); cooked with local vegetables (carrots, potatoes, leeks, onions, turnips, garlic, celery, beans). Now usually made with just oxtail and vegetables. The word hochepot comes from the old French hottison meaning to shake.

Potjevleisch - Flemish potted meat, originally from Dunkerque. It is a terrine made of three meats: often veal, bacon and rabbit; or chicken duck and rabbit. Calves feet are sometimes added. The meat is cooked with onions, shallots, garlic, white wine and some herbs, lemon and tomatoes.

Soupe à l'Ail - garlic soup, a speciality from the Douai area.

Tarte au Fromage - another name for a cheese Flamiche, an open-top cheese pie, often made with Maroilles, a strong-flavoured local cheese that comes in a square shape.

Tarte à Gros bords - open-top sweet custard tart. Pastry with the traditional custard and sugar filling, cooked in a wood-fired oven.

Waterzoi - a fresh fish stew, made with vegetables, cream and any coarse fish - carp, perch, pike...
Sometimes also made with chicken (or other white meat) stewed with leeks.
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Tarte à Gros bords, a sweet custard tart


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